La Savate at the Alhambra Music Hall (The Graphic – 29 October, 1898)

Events during the years immediately preceding E.W. Barton-Wright’s Bartitsu initiative had not predisposed the average Londoner to look kindly upon the French arts of self-defence. In October of 1899, just as Barton-Wright was beginning to promote his new Soho Bartitsu Club,  there took place the infamous savate vs. boxing contest between Joseph Charlemont and Jerry Driscoll, … Continue reading “La Savate at the Alhambra Music Hall (The Graphic – 29 October, 1898)”

“The Great Anglo-Japanese Tournament”: Bartitsu in Nottingham (March 1902)

The best evidence indicates that E.W. Barton-Wright’s Bartitsu Club in London closed down during the early months of 1902, for reasons that are still mysterious.  A recently-discovered series of advertisements from the Nottingham Evening Post, however,  indicate that all of the Club principals were involved in an elaborate “Anglo-Japanese Tournament” and martial arts display at … Continue reading ““The Great Anglo-Japanese Tournament”: Bartitsu in Nottingham (March 1902)”

Speculations on Bartitsu (kick)boxing

Update: since the following article was written, the Bartitsu Society has come across this 1901 interview with E.W. Barton-Wright that offers some more information on his conception of “Bartitsu kickboxing”. E.W. Barton-Wright evidently felt that while both boxing and kicking had their places within Bartitsu, they required substantial modification for use in actual self defence. … Continue reading “Speculations on Bartitsu (kick)boxing”

The Bartitsu Legacy

The Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes The name “Bartitsu” might well have been completely forgotten if not for a chance mention by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of his Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. In the Adventure of the Empty House (1903), Holmes explained that he had escaped the clutches of his enemy Professor Moriarty … Continue reading “The Bartitsu Legacy”