Bartitsu and more at CombatCon 2012

Dedicated to the intersection of Western martial arts with pop-culture, the CombatCon 2012 event will take place between July 6-8 at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Instructor Tony Wolf will be teaching a two-hour introduction to E.W. Barton-Wright’s “Victorian mixed martial art”, concentrating on the art of blending between techniques and styles as may be required by the needs of the moment. He will also host a special screening of, and Q&A session in connection with the documentary Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes.

Other 19th century antagonistics classes at CombatCon 2012 include:

Bowies, Brawling and Cane: Fighting in the Old West
The Game of Little Papers
Gentlemen’s Pugilism: A Brutal Art in Refined Society
Advanced Dueling Sabre
Navaja: The Original Folding Bowie
The Footpad & The Cane

… and more besides, not to mention classes in fighting zombies and duelling with longswords, lightsabres and Klingon bat’leths!

There will also be a full programme of panels and demonstrations covering a huge range of martial arts, fight choreography and pop-culture genre topics.

CombatCon 2012 – where history and fantasy meet!

19th century/Steampunk martial arts at CombatCon

A partial class list is now on-line for Combat Con Las Vegas.

There are four ways to look at the classes based on how you study Western Martial Arts. You can view the classes along with their short descriptions or you can look at the list via System/Style or via Weapon. Lastly, each instructor’s bio page lists their classes at the bottom.

The 19th century/Steampunk classes listed so far include Manly Arts of Self Defence (singlestick, pugilism and wrestling), Bartitsu: The Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes, Radellian Sabre, Victorian Cane, Singlestick and Repelling boarders against Sky Pirates.

From the organisers:

Nearly half of the classes are online right now and the organisers will be adding more soon, so be sure to check back often. Attendees will be able to choose between more intensive 2 hr classes or a variety of one hour classes. There’s a lot to do at Combat Con so choosing between the classes and the exciting Panels, Activities and Demonstrations will be difficult! Please go to the CombatCon website to register and to see a draft schedule layout under the WMA tab.

There are still many more classes coming, along with the list of Demonstrations, Panels and Activities. More details will appear on the CombatCon website soon.

Of course, there is also much to do in the evenings. After dinner there will be tournaments, free fencing, movies, games and that’s all without leaving the hotel After all, you’re in Las Vegas!

To celebrate the class list online there is a 10% discount until April 5th, so use WMA2011 in the Promo Box and get your registration in now!