Bartitsu and umbrella self defence at the Academie Duello (Vancouver, Canada)

Click this link to watch a short video report by Vancouver Province reporter Stuart Derdeyn, interviewing Academie Duello Bartitsu instructor David McCormick.

Umbrella self defence in Vancouver


For many, the Lower Mainland’s wet weather comes with the burden of carrying around an often-cumbersome umbrella. But what if you could turn your weather-based tool into your own personal defence device?

Academie Duello offers an umbrella self-defence workshop that will teach you how to use your wet weather companion to ward off any hooligans.

The course runs several times a year and is based on Bartitsu — a stick-fighting style developed in Victorian England.

David McCormick, who teaches the course, said it’s quite popular.

“It’s very energizing because unlike some martial arts (it’s not) an exhaustive, fatiguing workout. (We) teach skills that are at the same time fun and practical so people can remember what they’ve learned.”

The course, which lasts four hours, costs $60 and is good for most ages and body types, said McCormick.

As for the satisfaction level, McCormick said students are usually laughing when they leave, “and seeing a tool they use everyday in a whole new light.”

For more information on David’s umbrella defence and Bartitsu courses, please visit the Academie Duello’s Bartitsu page.

Umbrella self defence intro. at the Academie Duello

Learn to fend off ruffians and rapscallions with Vancouver’s most common weather-based accoutrement.

In this 4-hour workshop (Saturday, September 25 – 3:00pm to 7:00pm), participants will learn the art of self-defense with an umbrella or cane. Based on the Bartitsu system developed in turn of the century Victorian England, stick fighting is a practical, easily applied system of self-defense for any gentleman or lady.

This workshop is suitable for participants of any fitness level.
$60 (15% off for members)

You can sign up online here.