Bartitsu featured on InnerSPACE


Click this link to watch a short demo. and explanation of Bartitsu courtesy of the Riot A.C.T. stunt team, towards promoting author Adrienne Kress’s new steampunk/girl-power novel, The Friday Society. The item was produced by InnerSPACE, an entertainment news series associated with the Canadian SPACE TV channel.

The action-packed “Friday Society” book trailer

According to Friday Society author Adrienne Kress:

Gotta love Bartitsu, invented at the turn of the 20th century by Edward Barton-Wright. He travelled the world, spending much time in the Far East, returning to England to create a mixed martial art and method of self-defence for ladies and gentlemen using, amongst other props, canes and parasols.

I have Bartitsu in The Friday Society — though I never actually call it by name.

Bartitsu (sort of …) to be featured in “The Friday Society”

This interview with author Adrienne Kress re. her upcoming young adult steampunk/superhero/girl power novel The Friday Society reveals that one of the protagonists, a Japanese teenager named Michiko, works as a martial arts instructor for a character based on “Sir Edward Barton-Wright”.

The real-world Barton-Wright was never anywhere close to being knighted, and apparently the character based on him is a pretty nasty fellow, but the book sounds fun. It’s being launched at an event in Toronto on December 7, 2012 which will include a Bartitsu demonstration by members of the Riot A.C.T. stunt team.