Neo-Bartitsu stick fighting for “Lost Martial Art” documentary

Courtesy of photographer Riccardo Gallino, here are two images from the latest location shoot for the upcoming documentary, “Bartitsu: the Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes“. Supervised by co-director Ran Braun, these sequences included both choreographed demonstrations and free combat displays of neo-Bartitsu stickfighting. They were shot in the historic Villa Meda Battistero in the Italian town of Canzo.

The fight team included three senior instructors from the Nova Scrimia organisation and also the Italian National Stickfighting Champion, who travelled from Verona, Brescia, Saronno and Como to take part in the filming.

A gallery of pictures from the Canzo shoot is available here.

The neo-Bartitsu stickfighting footage will be edited, with Ran’s guidance, by students at the Prague Film School (one of the world’s leading film production academies) as part of a special project co-ordinated by Karin Bleiweiss.

“Bartitsu: the Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes” update

After experiencing some delays in January due to technical difficulties and the vagaries of the international mail system, we are now back on track with post-production of the upcoming Bartitsu documentary. 99% of the necessary footage is now in the hands of our editors, the Digital Room in Rome.

Also in the Italian connection, our colleagues in the Nova Scrimia organisation will be collaborating with documentary co-producer/director Ran Braun to shoot some additional footage of full-contact neo-Bartitsu stick fighting. The shoot is scheduled to take place in the town of Brescia on February 27th and will co-incide with another Bartitsu-themed collaboration between stick fighting and boxing instructors.