Bartitsu and 19th century “antagonistics” at CombatCon 2012

Bartitsu, classical fencing, bare-knuckle pugilism and Irish stick fighting will be among the many classes at this year’s CombatCon event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference will also include a wide range of panel discussions, sparring tournaments and demonstrations; see the CombatCon website for all details.

Bartitsu at CombatCon 2012

Bartitsu instructor Tony Wolf (left) will be teaching an introductory class among the many attractions of CombatCon 2012 at the Tuscany Suites hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada (July 6-8).

A confluence of Western martial arts with pop-culture entertainment genres (horror, pirates, science fiction, steampunk etc.), CombatCon offers a very wide assortment of hands-on classes, demonstrations, panel discussions and vendor’s booths. 19th century antagonistics were well-represented at last years’ convention, which also included a large “museum” room devoted to steampunk artifacts … who knows what else CombatCon 2012 has in store?