Creating the Forteza Clubhouse

Click this link to see our spiffing video, info, rewards and more towards creating the Forteza Clubhouse – a steampunk/neo-Victorian lounge complete with library, art gallery and a multi-media learning center (and a secret passage entrance – shhh!)

The Clubhouse project has begun! Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts (the headquarters of the Bartitsu Club of Chicago) is creating the ultimate Bartitsu Club salon, and we’d really appreciate your help. Watch the video, check out the rather cool contributor rewards and, if you are so moved, help out. N.B. that the Indiegogo “share” tools make it very quick and easy to share the project page via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, or to embed or send the page info by email.

We’ll be offering regular updates over the next month and will also be inviting design and decor suggestions …