Introduction to Bartitsu at the Academie Duello (Vancouver, Canada)

Next Saturday, 18 June, is the next in Academy Duello’s regular Introduction to Bartitsu workshop series. From 1pm to 5pm you’ll learn the core techniques of Victorian martial arts, and fight like Sherlock Holmes.

The class will explore:

* the basic punches of scientific boxing and the first defensive moves of pugilism
* the first throw from jujitsu and how to land without hurting yourself when thrown
* the foundations of walking stick self-defence
* the essential kicks of savate.

This Introduction to Bartitsu is a pre-requisite for the Academie’s ongoing Bartitsu class. Instructor David McCormick says, “We want all newcomers to the weekly class to have some familiarity with the core techniques, and to get some practice in an easy environment where all of the students are learning the skills together.”

So, whether you’re interested in studying Bartitsu on an ongoing basis, or if you just want to learn the essential elements, the Introduction to Bartitsu covers the fundamentals.

Vancouver Bartitsu intensive

The Academie Duello historical fencing and martial arts school will host Tony Wolf teaching a two-day Bartitsu intensive on March 27th and 28th, 2010.

Each class will include the study of both canonical and neo-Bartitsu. The canonical material is based on E.W. Barton-Wright’s classic 1900 articles, “The New Art of Self Defence” and “Self Defence with a Walking Stick” and provides a platform for training in neo-Bartitsu, continuing Barton-Wright’s experiments in cross-training between jiujitsu, fisticuffs, low kicking and the Vigny system of walking stick fighting.

Details are available here at the Academie Duello website and prospective attendees can make inquiries and bookings via this page.