“Antagonistics” classes in Fife, Scotland

Announcing a new course via the Black Boar Swordsmanship School in Cupar, Fife, Scotland:


“Antagonistics” is the catch-all name for the art of self-defence in the 19th Century, comprising elements of Pugilism (boxing), French Kickboxing, Grappling (wrestling, jiujitsu, “dirty tricks”), Physical Culture (fitness), Stick (walking canes, umbrellas) and Weapons (knife, truncheon, swordstick).

Each aspect will be taught primarily according to the theory and techniques of Emile Andre, a noted French fencing master, who combined these Arts into a simple, yet effective, system of practical self-defence that any Gentleman who has knowledge of the sword arts can learn and apply easily.

The class will be taught as a mix of technical practice in pairs and pad-work for practical application.

The instructor will be Phil Crawley and the first class is free, thereafter £5 per session.

Equipment Requirements

Loose, practical clothing/Black Boar uniform, fencing mask, forearm protection.

Groin/chest protection is recommended.

All other equipment will be provided.

Victorian Antagonistics and more at the Black Boar Swordsmanship School (Edinburgh)

Black Boar North Edinburgh: First Class at 7pm, June 30th.

Black Boar Swordsmanship School’s North Edinburgh Chapter will have its opening session from 7pm to 9pm at the Calton Centre, Montgomery Street, Edinburgh. This opening session is completely free to attend by anybody of the age of 18 and over. It shall include an introduction to historical swordsmanship and the styles taught within the school followed by an introductory lesson in Smallsword.

The session is open to anybody interested in learning about historical swordsmanship over the age of 18. No previous experience is necessary.

Equipment is available to borrow for new students so the only things you need are clothes suitable for physical activity. Our venue also asks that all students wear non marking soft shoes, such as a clean pair of trainers, to protect the floor.

Black Boar North Edinburgh

Black Boar North Edinburgh is a new chapter of the Black Boar Swordsmanship School that has been running successfully for 2 years in Fife. The school is run by Ian Macintyre, a BFHS Certified Instructor, and historical fencer of 13 years experience. Ian is assisted by school Provost, Phil Crawley, who has over 2 decades of experience in European sword arts.

The North Edinburgh Chapter will follow the Black Boar curriculum of Military Sabre of the Leith School, Victorian Antagonistics and Smallsword of the early French style. The first course shall be in Smallsword from June 2011 and the third term will focus on Victorian walking stick systems:

Walking Stick – Cunningham / Bartitsu / Macintyre/ Rickeard

This style is as much of a street defence art as a duelling art and is based upon a number of styles from the late 19th and early 20th century, particularly the work of Cunningham. Walking stick in this style provides a sound foundation for principals, footwork and body mechanics that students will be able to apply to many other styles. It is also a very accessible art and a lot of fun.

Equipment required

* A wooden walking stick of approx 3 feet length
* A fencing jacket with body padding or a padded jacket
* A 1600N fencing mask
* Sturdy gloves, such as cricket gloves
* Forearm protection

The school will meet every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm at the Calton Centre. The Calton Centre has recently been fully refurbished and contains changing rooms, lockers and showers. It is convenient for public transport from London Road and Elm Row to most parts of the city and is only 10 minutes walk from Waverly Station.

For more information please see this site or look for The Black Boar Swordsmanship School’s page on Facebook.