Upcoming Bartitsu stickfighting seminar in Wuppertal, Germany

On the 10th and 11th of March, Stefan Dieke of the Alte Kampfkunst historical European martial arts academy will be teaching a two day seminar on Bartitsu cane self defence, including:

– traditional 19th c. stick fencing
– canonical Bartitsu cane techniques – Pierre Vigny’s innovations
– Bartitsu Concepts: applying the concepts of the canonical material to non-canonical situations.

International guests are welcome! The seminar will be held bi-lingually in German & English.

Location: Alte Kampfkunst in Wuppertal, Germany

Cost: 130,- for two days.

Further information (in German) available here.

Cane fighting seminar in Wuppertal, Germany

Instructor Stefan Dieke will be holding a seminar on the Vigny method of stick fighting on December 17th & 18th.


* Vigny’s stick fighting concepts
* representative canonical techniques
* exploring variations
* similarities and differences between a cane and a singlestick and how this affects fighting techniques
* fundamental singlestick exercises and their adoptions for the cane
* abstract exercises building up fundamental skills

Venue: the Alte Kampfkunst historical martial arts school, Paradestr. 57 a
42107 Wuppertal, Germany

Fee: 130 Euro per participant

Details: (sorry, in German only) or contact info@alte-kampfkunst.de

International guests are welcome! The seminar can be held bilingually in German and English.

Bartitsu featured on national radio in Germany

Bartitsu instructor Stefan Dieke was recently interviewed by reporter Nico Rau for Germany’s DRadio Wissen. The item included a discussion of the origins, downfall and modern revival of the “gentlemanly art of self defence”, with the obligatory reference to Sherlock Holmes’ “baritsu”.

The interview is available (in the German language, of course) at this site and you can learn more about Stefan’s Bartitsu classes via the Bartitsu page on the Alte Kampfkunst website.

Bartitsu seminar at Alte Kampfkunst

Congratulations to Stefan Dieke of the Alte Kampfkunst historical martial arts school in Wuppertal, Germany, for his successful Bartitsu seminar over the weekend of October 9-10.

Concentrating on circa 1900 (kick)boxing and cane fighting, the seminar was well received and Stefan plans another in a similar vein for Spring of 2011.

New ongoing Bartitsu course at the Alte Kampfkunst (Wuppertal, Germany)

Stefan Dieke announces a new, ongoing Bartitsu course to commence in September at the Alte Kampfkunst, his full-time Western martial arts academy in Wuppertal, Germany.

Bartitsu classes will be held every Wednesday from 6.30 to 8.00 pm.

The new course will initially focus on the cane and boxing aspects of E.W. Barton-Wright’s “New Art of Self Defence” and will then extend into the kicking and grappling elements. The course details, etc. are available in German here.

On the 9th and 10th of October Stefan will be teaching a ten-hour, two day introductory seminar on Bartitsu, addressing all four main elements of the art.

Wuppertal, which is world famous for its Edwardian-era sky train, is located between Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area.