Bartitsu Stick Fighting in Bavaria, Germany

Some highly skilled Vigny-style cane play in this demonstration bout by Bartitsu instructor Alex Kiermayer (suspenders and flat cap) and his colleague-at-arms Christoph Reinberger.  Kiermayer and Reinberger have also recently collaborated on the instructional video series Bartitsu: Historische Selbstverteidigung mit dem Spazierstock nach Pierre Vigny.

Part 2, Video Walking Stick: Coburg Zeitreise 2018. Alex and me demonstrated 19 th century self defense. Including foil and sabre fencing. Fighting with the walking stick, pugilism and savate. NOTE: Fighting with the walking stick was a short part of it.Showing only the basics with a little free playing!

Geplaatst door Christoph Bear-Knuckle op Woensdag 8 augustus 2018

Note especially the fluid, ambidextrous shifts between attack and defence techniques and between various single and double-handed guard positions, as per numerous eyewitness accounts of the Vigny style in action during the early 20th century.

More Cane Sparring from the Santiago Stickfighters

Walking Stick Combat, sparring de bastón de madera y blackswift.

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op Dinsdag 7 augustus 2018

Chilean stickfighter Andres Morales (in blue) wields a ball-handled madeira wood stick against an opponent armed with a BlackSwift self-defence cane.

An Exhibition of Old-School Fisticuffs

Bartitsu instructor Alex Kiermayer (in black pants) and his colleague Christoph Reinberger perform an exhibition of bare-knuckle pugilism at the Coburg Zeitreise 2018.

Geplaatst door Christoph Bear-Knuckle op Zondag 22 juli 2018

Although this is clearly a friendly demonstration rather than a serious contest, note the upright and even slightly backward-leaning fighting stances, shifts between lowered/extended guard positions, milling the fists and transition into standing grappling and throwing, all of which are characteristic of boxing under various 19th century rulesets.

Solo Training with the Vigny Cane

Andres Morales of Chile demonstrates various techniques with the Vigny cane, working mostly from the Right (or Front) guard stance:

Probando mi primer Walking Stick, la canne Vigny, Santiago Stickfighting.

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op Maandag 16 juli 2018

The Historical Movement Archive

Modern HEMA pioneer Brad Waller is planning a new initiative to create a permanent, international reference archive of historical movement systems via motion capture technology.  These systems will include both dance and martial arts styles that were originally recorded on paper and have been reconstructed and revived by more recent generations.

In this video manifesto, Mr. Waller explains the background and ethos of the Historical Movement Archive project.  Most of his references are to 15th and 16th century martial arts, but much of what he says can equally apply to late 19th century styles such as Bartitsu:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,I would like to share with you a concept movie that I have put together on the Historical Movement Archive. It shows where I am coming from and why I feel that this project is an important one. I will need all the guidance and help that I can get moving this project forward. I would be grateful if you get a little popcorn, sit down and take ten minutes to view the movie. Enjoy my friends!

Geplaatst door Historical Movement Archive op Donderdag 14 juni 2018

You can learn more about this worthy project and get involved via the Historical Movement Archive Facebook page.

Vigny Stick Sparring

La Canne Vigny Santiago Stickfighting

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op Donderdag 12 juli 2018

More exemplary Vigny stick fighting between Andres Morales (wearing black) and a sparring partner in this new video from the Santiago Stickfighters.

“Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” Cane Fighting

A compilation of gory, spectacular finishing moves employing the deadly sword cane weapon from the video game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. In this game, the player takes the roles of twin assassins Jacob and Evie Frye as they battle to wrest control of 1868 London from the sinister secret society of Templars.

When not being used as multi-purpose bludgeons, the assassins’ sword canes are equipped with concealed daggers and also with retractable scythe blades at the ferrule end.  As such, they are reminiscent of the various weaponised walking canes that were actually developed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

“No Man Shall Protect Us”

Embedded here for your convenience, the new documentary No Man Shall Protect Us details the origins and exploits of the jiujitsu-trained Bodyguard Society who protected the radical suffragettes of England just before WW1. The documentary offers a special focus on Bodyguard martial arts instructor Edith Garrud, who was one of the most prominent self-defence teachers in England during the early 20th century.