Neo-Bartitsu Seminar in California

Instructors Tom Badillo and Fred Kaye will be teaching a neo-Bartitsu seminar at the En Garde Fencing school in Santa Rosa, California on September 22nd:

Chronicled in the annals of Sherlock Holmes, Bartitsu is purported to be the world’s first mixed martial art. This system of self-defense was originally developed and practiced in England in the years 1898-1902.

A blend of Western and Eastern martial arts, Bartitsu synthesized elements of jujitsu, pugilism, wrestling, Savate, and Vigny stick-fighting. Developed to defend the gentry against vicious street gangs, this martial art was pressure tested in the dangerous world of the late 19th century. This comprehensive martial system is as applicable today as it was at the time.

The Seminar will focus on Physical Culture with a primer on the use of Indian clubs as a martial arts training tool, then moving on to the core principles of the use of the cane, savate kicking style, bare-knuckle pugilism and jujitsu. Working through canonical materials and on to Neo-Bartitsu for use in the modern context.

Further details can be found here.

An Exhibition of Old-School Fisticuffs

Bartitsu instructor Alex Kiermayer (in black pants) and his colleague Christoph Reinberger perform an exhibition of bare-knuckle pugilism at the Coburg Zeitreise 2018.

Geplaatst door Christoph Bear-Knuckle op Zondag 22 juli 2018

Although this is clearly a friendly demonstration rather than a serious contest, note the upright and even slightly backward-leaning fighting stances, shifts between lowered/extended guard positions, milling the fists and transition into standing grappling and throwing, all of which are characteristic of boxing under various 19th century rulesets.

“Self Defence with Sherlock Holmes” at the Royal Armouries Museum (Leeds, UK)

A recent Bartitsu display at the Royal Armouries Museum.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, UK will be offering hands-on Bartitsu classes for children as part of an upcoming series of workshops in various historical martial arts.  The classes will run daily at 11am, 1pm & 3pm between August 13-17.

See this link for further details.

Self Defence for Ladies and Gentlemen Seminar in Germany

A gallery of photos from a recent combined seminar held in Garching an der Alz, Bavaria, Germany. Participants trained in armed and unarmed Bartitsu under the watchful eye of instructor Alex Kiermayer and in classical pugilism with instructor Christoph Reinberger, and were also given the chance to tour a local “living history” museum devoted to the early 20th century.

A David and Goliath match-up as instructor Christoph Reinberger (right) demonstrates the Mendoza guard against a much larger opponent.
Unarmed Bartitsu.
Control the head and you control the opponent.
Instructor Alex Kiermayer demonstrates an extended arm-bar.
The art of Vigny stick fighting.
Alex Kiermayer (centre) demonstrates the classic “hanging guard” of Vigny stick fighting.
Self Defence with a Walking Stick demonstrated by Alex Kiermayer.
A well-earned beer at the end of a solid day’s training.

Bartitsu with Alex Kiermayer in Igensdorf, Germany

Announcing an upcoming one-day Bartitsu seminar in Igensdorf, Germany:

Bartitsu with Alex Kiermayer

Alexander Kiermayer is probably one of the most prominent instructors of the historical fencing scene. He has a broad background in various martial arts and is training counselor of the group ‘Ochs – historical martial arts ‘. His great knowledge combined with his practical skills make him a sought-after speaker at home and abroad.

Bartitsu is a martial art and self-defence system that existed between 1898 and 1902 in England. A special feature of the system – and seminar focus – is the use of walking sticks as weapons. Bartitsu became known, among others, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, in which the protagonist also practices “Baritsu”.  The art is a combination of Jiu Jitsu, Swiss svingen wrestling, elements of boxing, Savate (French boxing) and stick fencing.

Place: Gymnasium of elementary school – St.-Georg-Str. 20, 91338 Igensdorf close to the main road 2, approx. 18 km from the BAB 3 (Exit Nürnberg-Nord, then towards Bayreuth)

Time: Saturday, October 27, 2018, 10:00 – 16:30

Cost: 30.- € (cash payment on the spot)

Participation: No requirements, open to all associations, styles and grades


Equipment: Sportswear (also contemporary), gym-suitable shoes, sticks made of rattan, ash or polyethylene;
rattan sticks can also be purchased cheaply on site.

Free night in the practice room in Pettensiedel on request!

For registrations please contact:

Matthias Dülp via

Tel: 09126 2893002 or 0171/706 37 16

Tommy Joe Moore Seminar in Southend-on-Sea (UK)

Some creative promotion for instructor Tommy Joe Moore’s July 22nd Bartitsu seminar in the English town of Southend-on-Sea.  If it’s good enough for Luke Skywalker, it’s good enough for the rest of us …

Tommy Joe Moore Bartitsu Seminar in Southend-on-Sea (UK)

An introductory Bartitsu seminar taught by Tommy Joe Moore of the Bartitsu Lab will be offered via  Paper Street Bartitsu and the Southend Combat Academy.

The seminar will be held on July 22, 2018 and is open to all skill levels.  Further information and contact details are available via this link.

Call for Participants and Instructors: Bartitsucon 2018

Tommy Joe Moore (left, above) of the Bartitsu Lab in Warwickshire, UK is inviting expressions of interest from Bartitsu enthusiasts and instructors for the upcoming Bartitsucon 2018 event, to be held on November 10-11.

Interested parties can learn more about the event and contact Mr. Moore via this link.