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Ran Arthur Braun is the founder and artistic director of the “Scuola Brancaleoni”, (International Centre for Historical and Theatrical Combat) in Italy. He is also a member of the Bartitsu Society and a founding member/instructor of Bartitsu Club Italia, Bartitsu Club Israel and Bartitsu Club Russia.

Ran served three years in the Israeli Army and received basic training in Krav Maga. Since 2005 he has collaborated with Tony Wolf and Antonio Merendoni in both theatrical and historical martial arts, specializing in traditional Italian knife and stick fighting and more recently in Bartitsu. He is a co-producer and co-director of the documentary Bartitsu: The Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes.

Ran has served as a jury member for the 2008 World Artistic Fencing Championship and other European stage combat championships between 2005-2009. He was the first Resident Director at the Celebration Barn workshop held by the Society of American Fight Directors. Ran collaborates with stunt teams, film productions, theaters, opera houses and festivals in Italy, Germany, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Netherlands, France, Austria, Estonia, Russia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Wales, Israel and USA. He works as a producer and as an opera director and is a guest teacher for many martial arts, theatre, musical and film schools in Europe. He is also a member of the creative team behind GrossHopper – Aerial Stunt Combat System, in collaboration with FlyGrossing.

During the summer of 2007 Ran published his first book, “Artistic Fencing”.

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  1. Hello Ran, Please visit my website for an overview of my martial theatre concept- using martial forms from around the world to tell a story. I do have a scene by scene synopsis which gives a better flavour of how the martial arts work as
    the narrative. I am looking for a producer/production company to develop the concept and story- take it forward and into the theatre. I’m not from a theatre back ground so i need people with those specialized skills, finding the cast is not a problem. Do you know anyone who might be in the position to do this? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Barbara

  2. Hi,
    I saw the piece on the one show tonight and was inspired to learn more about this martial art. I cant seem to find a list of clubs, so I’m wondering if there is one near me; I’m in North Wales.



  3. Hi Ian,

    there’s a list of clubs here, but I’m afraid that there aren’t any instructors teaching in North Wales yet. The Bartitsu revival is really quite a recent phenomenon. However, we do encourage people to set up their own study groups – see this article for advice.

  4. Ian, there some people in Aberystwyth who may also be interested. Drop me a mail at james (at) thatmarwoodchap (dot) com if you’d like me to put you in touch with them.

  5. Buonasera,

    se possibile vorrei anche io avere alcune informazioni riguardanti una scuola di Bartitsu a Roma.

    francesc0 @ inwind.it

  6. Salve, scrivo per avere eventuali recapiti per informazioni sul bartitsu in italia dato che il sito italiano sembra non essere più attivo.

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