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Phil Crawley can’t remember a time when he wasn’t fascinated by European weaponry, and he has studied most of them in one way or another, starting with shooting and archery, then Olympic fencing from the age of eleven, subsequently also becoming involved in historical reenactment.

Since 1997 Phil has focussed on the Western martial arts, having studied backsword fencing with the Macdonald Academy of Arms and rapier with the Sussex Rapier School. He is an Instructor with the Dawn Duellists Society, where he developed as his specialties the smallsword and gentleman’s self defence classes. He now teaches the latter discipline at his own school, Bartitsu Edinburgh. Phil had travelled to France, Italy and the USA to study at international events, and he has also taught at several BFHS national events in the UK.

In his professional life Phil has studied and trained in Control and Restraint techniques for secure psychiatric settings and has also taught Management of Aggression.

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