Neo-Bartitsu stickfighting gallery

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  1. please i need you guy in kuwait please teach us bartitsu because there are not any clubs there. if you want to give me an aswer there is my email over there,

  2. Thanks for posting these nice pictures! I think it would be fair to mention on the title that the team and the guys performing that stick fighting shots are all members of the Nova Scrimia Fighting team, and not BartItsu. Nova Scrimia ( is based on the italian martial art/fencing tradition, including armed (stick, dagger, swords, etc.) and unarmed ( abracar/medieval wresting, italian box of carmine, cugnet, venetian pugna, etc.).
    Nova Srimia, together with bartitsu, are part of the great european martial art tradition.
    Messer Conte

  3. These pictures were taken during a film shoot for the recently released documentary, “Bartitsu: the Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes”, for which the Nova Scrimia guys volunteered to spar in a generically “neo-Bartitsu” style emphasising high guards, double-handed grips on the canes and the use of grappling and takedowns. You can see some of the action at the end of this trailer for the documentary – .

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