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Kirk Lawson started his training in Asian martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Tomiki Aikido and Judo, which he still practices. Kirk’s interests have expanded to include Western martial arts including the Bowie knife, tomahawk, bata (Irish stick), classic pugilism, collar and elbow wrestling, military sabre, cutlass fencing and Bartitsu. Kirk joined the Bartitsu Forum as part of his interest in Western stick fighting and has been an active participant since 2003. He is a principal instructor of the Cumann Bhata Dayton Western martial arts group.

Kirk has produced WMA DVDs including “Grappling with the Tomahawk,” and “Bartitsu – The Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes” and wrote the book Banned from Boxing! The forgotten grappling techniques of historic Pugilism. He has also republished numerous antique self defence and combat sports via He is a member of “Friends of the Historic Maritime Combat Society” and a member in good standing of The Broadsword League.

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  1. Dear Kirk Lawson,

    Paul Prehn was my grandfather. My dad and I would like to contact you to share some stories (if you want). My brother and I were also wrestlers (but not famous like Paul). Best wishes, Don

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