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Alex Kiermayer is a police officer and trainer of law enforcement tactics and firearms for the Bavarian police force.

Alex has trained in diverse martial arts since 1987 and currently holds the 2nd dan rank in Ju Jutsu (DJJV), 1st dan in Nihon Ju Jutsu, 12th level SG Wing Tsun, 10th level SG Escrima and teaching credentials for Kali-Silat. He also holds state-approved teaching licenses for Ju Jutsu and Fencing and has trained in several other martial arts from different cultures.

He taught Ju Jutsu and Escrima regularly for several years and from 1999 onwards has concentrated on the practical and theoretical study of historical European martial arts, focusing mostly on martial arts of German origin.

Alex is a founding member and trainer of OCHS Historical Fencing and leads the OCHS training group in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria.

He is the author of two instructional DVDs on Medieval German longsword and Messer combat, together with his friend and colleague Hans Heim, and has also taught Bartitsu and related skills at several martial arts seminars throughout Europe

Alex notes that being happily married with one daughter is excellent self defence training!

10 thoughts on “Alex Kiermayer profile”

  1. Great Video on the German seminar. Would not like to be the Uki for the stick fighting part!!! haha
    Was wondering if there is a seminar sched for the North East??? NH or MA would be great.
    Tnx thirsty for knowledge

  2. Hi Anthony,

    thanks for posting.

    There is actually considerable interest from the NE states and there has been discussion about doing a major seminar in that area. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the chances are good. There is also talk about setting up a club in the Baltimore/Maryland area.

    I suggest that you join the Bartitsu Forum email list – – to communicate with local enthusiasts and to keep track of developments.



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