Antique Bartitsu Items Now Available on eBay

Although all of the circa 1900 Bartitsu articles are now in the public domain and many are available online and/or in the two volumes of the Bartitsu Compendium, some enthusiasts enjoy owning antique original copies. As of the time of this publication, original copies of the following items are available via eBay:

How to Pose as a Strong Man (E.W. Barton-Wright, 1899): Barton-Wright’s first ever article for Pearson’s Magazine, explaining some of the clever leverage tricks commonly presented as evidence of “superhuman strength” by vaudeville and music hall performers such as the so-called “Georgia Magnet”.

The Latest Fashionable Pastime: The Bartitsu Club (Anonymous, 1900): a journalist for the Black and White Budget Magazine reports on the Bartitsu School of Arms, including an interview with Barton-Wright, photographs of Pierre Vigny and others in action and also photos of some of Barton-Wright’s peculiar therapeutic gadgets.

 The New Art of Self Defence, part 1 (E.W. Barton-Wright, 1899): The first of Barton-Wright’s four self-defence articles for Pearson’s Magazine, including numerous photographs and technical descriptions.  This article holds the distinction of being the first detailed, illustrated essay on Japanese martial arts to appear in the English language.

The New Art of Self Defence, part 2 (E.W. Barton-Wright, 1899): the second part of Barton-Wright’s jiujitsu series, in which he first refers to “Bartitsu” by name.

Self Defence with a Walking Stick, part 1 (E.W. Barton-Wright, 1901):  The first essay in Barton-Wright’s explication of the Vigny stick fighting method, featuring numerous photos and detailed technical breakdowns.

Self Defence with a Walking Stick, part 2 (E.W. Barton-Wright, 1901): Part 2 covers further Vigny stick fighting scenarios, including defences against angry mobs and individuals wielding alpenstocks (spiked hiking staves).

The Walking Stick Method of Self Defence (H.G. Lang, 1926):  Herbert Gordon Lang was a Police Superintendant who learned the Vigny method of stick fighting from former Bartitsu Club member Percy Rolt.  This book details Lang’s own developments of the Vigny system, also incorporating some techniques from West Indian stick fighting.

Self-Protection on a Cycle (Marcus Tindal, 1901): although often mistakenly assumed to be part of the Bartitsu repertoire, Marcus Tindal’s eccentric bicycle self-defence article did appear contemporaneously with Barton-Wright’s walking stick defence essays, and was likewise published in Pearson’s Magazine.


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