“Dexterity and Quickness”: Vigny Cane Shadow-Fighting

Chilean stickfighter Andres Morales demonstrates a shadow-fighting exercise with a ball-handled cane in this new video.  Most of the techniques shown are from the Vigny style, with some reverse-grip influence from Arturo Bonafont.

Santiago Stickfighting, sombra con walking stick.

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op Zaterdag 3 november 2018

A spectator at one of Pierre Vigny’s Bartitsu cane demonstrations during March of 1900 wrote:

Everybody has heard of this new defence and offence, but it was a revelation to the audience to see the splendid development, the dexterity and quickness, and even grace, of the exponents of this really wonderful science.

A striking feature of the training is that in all the exercises the pupil must become ambidextrous; in fact, the rapid transference of the walking-stick from one hand to the other was, to the uninitiated at least, one of the most powerful factors in offence and defence, and one likely to prove most puzzling to the opponent.

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