Neo-Bartitsu Seminar in California

Instructors Tom Badillo and Fred Kaye will be teaching a neo-Bartitsu seminar at the En Garde Fencing school in Santa Rosa, California on September 22nd:

Chronicled in the annals of Sherlock Holmes, Bartitsu is purported to be the world’s first mixed martial art. This system of self-defense was originally developed and practiced in England in the years 1898-1902.

A blend of Western and Eastern martial arts, Bartitsu synthesized elements of jujitsu, pugilism, wrestling, Savate, and Vigny stick-fighting. Developed to defend the gentry against vicious street gangs, this martial art was pressure tested in the dangerous world of the late 19th century. This comprehensive martial system is as applicable today as it was at the time.

The Seminar will focus on Physical Culture with a primer on the use of Indian clubs as a martial arts training tool, then moving on to the core principles of the use of the cane, savate kicking style, bare-knuckle pugilism and jujitsu. Working through canonical materials and on to Neo-Bartitsu for use in the modern context.

Further details can be found here.

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