Self Defence for Ladies and Gentlemen Seminar in Germany

A gallery of photos from a recent combined seminar held in Garching an der Alz, Bavaria, Germany. Participants trained in armed and unarmed Bartitsu under the watchful eye of instructor Alex Kiermayer and in classical pugilism with instructor Christoph Reinberger, and were also given the chance to tour a local “living history” museum devoted to the early 20th century.

A David and Goliath match-up as instructor Christoph Reinberger (right) demonstrates the Mendoza guard against a much larger opponent.
Unarmed Bartitsu.
Control the head and you control the opponent.
Instructor Alex Kiermayer demonstrates an extended arm-bar.
The art of Vigny stick fighting.
Alex Kiermayer (centre) demonstrates the classic “hanging guard” of Vigny stick fighting.
Self Defence with a Walking Stick demonstrated by Alex Kiermayer.
A well-earned beer at the end of a solid day’s training.

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