Bartitsu to Feature on Japanese TV

The Japanese TBS edutainment show Sekai Kurabete Mitara (“See the World in Comparison”) will be featuring a short documentary on Bartitsu on August 20, 2018.  The theme of the show is to explore various current events and customs from throughout the world, with an emphasis on cultural diversity.

This will be the first Japanese-language broadcast on the art of Bartitsu and we’ll post the segment on this site if it becomes publicly available.

3 thoughts on “Bartitsu to Feature on Japanese TV”

  1. Hello.

    This program is about my club. Whilst they are sending me the DVD of the show, it’d be great to know how you found the info about it, as I’m struggling to navigate the Japanese site!



  2. Hi Tommy – the English branch of the production company contacted us to get permission to use some archival Bartitsu images in the show.

  3. Ahh great stuff.

    I’ll make sure you get a copy once it’s done. As it’s airing very soon, hopefully it’s in the can and in the post 😀.

    Though god knows what I’ll sound like on a Japanese dub!

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