Bartitsu/Vigny Stick Sparring

Andres Morales of Chile (in the black shirt/shorts combo) and a sparring partner demonstrate the quick, deceptive Vigny canne style, as incorporated into Bartitsu circa 1900. 

La canne vigny

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op zaterdag 10 maart 2018

As described by a journalist from The Sporting Life newspaper in July of 1899:

(Vigny) first proceeded to demonstrate the use of the stick by showing the different attacks and guards, displaying wonderful wrist work, in which great strengths and suppleness were combined. He grasps a stout Malacca cane about six inches from the end, and does all the movements with the wrist only, and not with the fingers. He passes his stick from right hand to left and vice versa without the slightest trouble, using right-hand and left-hand alternately with equal dexterity.

One thought on “Bartitsu/Vigny Stick Sparring”

  1. very good, it shows the skill, technical diversity of style in Andres, and fidelity to style, I hope to see more material! // muy bueno, se nota la habilidad, diversidad tecnica del estilo en Andres, y fidelidad al estilo, espero ver mas material!

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