An Update on the Jiujitsuffragette Documentary “No Man Shall Protect Us”

The documentary No Man Shall Protect Us, chronicling the “hidden history” of the martial arts-trained Bodyguard team who protected the radical suffragettes of England,  has now entered production.

In collaboration with Chicago’s Babes With Blades Theatre Company, scenes from the suffragette play The Good Fight have been recorded and will be used to illustrate aspects of the Bodyguards’ history, training and missions.

Black-screen studio “interviews” with actors representing suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, Bodyguard organiser Gert Harding and self-defence instructor Edith Garrud are currently being scheduled.

The script is now 99% finalised and the first 25 minutes of the documentary have been assembled as a rough-cut edit.  The completed documentary is expected to run about one hour and will be made freely available via Vimeo as an educational resource.

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