“Hit Him Rapidly” and then “Belabour Him as You See Fit”

La canne vigny.

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

Andres Morales of the Santiago Stickfighters Club in Chile – a prize-winner in the international Bartitsu Sparring Video Competition – demonstrates rapid, powerful strikes from the Vigny front guard.

As Captain F.C. Laing wrote in The Bartitsu Method of Stick Fighting (1902):

Assume “first position,” guard head, then, before he has time to recover himself, hit him rapidly on both sides of his face, disengaging between each blow as explained; the rapidity of these blows will generally be sufficient to disconcert him.

La canne vigny

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op woensdag 11 oktober 2017

In this excerpt from a sparring match, Andres (left) executes an impressive double-handed guard > bayonet thrust > belabouring sequence.

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