Drilling Vigny Stickfighting vs. Two Knifemen (updated)

La canne vigny

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op zondag 8 oktober 2017

The prolific Andres Morales of Santiago, Chile demonstrates the use of Vigny stick fighting against two sparring partners armed with training knives. Although there are records of similar stick vs. knife demonstrations by Pierre Vigny himself circa 1900, no such scenarios were recorded in any detail during the heyday of his style.

Walking stick vs two knife men

Geplaatst door Andres Pino Morales op vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

Note the effective use of the double-handed guard and the key tactics of both baiting an attack via positions of invitation and striking pre-emptively, making use of the cane’s superior reach.

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