“Fighting with pot lids” – nabebuta displays at the London Budokwai

Exhibitions of kobudo (weaponed martial arts) by members of the London Budokwai during 1919, 1922 and 1924 included displays of combat with a highly unusual weapon – the nabebuta or “pot lid”.  Described by one journalist as resembling “wooden cymbals”, the nabebuta are rare even in koryu bujutsu (“old-school martial arts”), being particularly associated with the Takenouchi-ryu.

Above: nabebuta vs. shinai, from the 1919 exhibition.
Above: the nabebuta fighter employs his left-hand weapon as a buckler and his right-hand weapon as a knuckle-duster during the 1922 display.
Above: blocking a high-line attack and counter-striking to the brachial plexus area.
Above: a simultaneous parry and counter-attack.

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