Bartitsu in the Court Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet

R&J Bartitsu

Tybalt (Owen Black, left) and Benvolio (Ben Freeth, right) engage in some Bartitsu cane fighting in a rehearsal for the Court Theatre’s (Christchurch, New Zealand) production of Romeo and Juliet. This take on Shakespeare’s classic romantic tragedy is set during a stylised Edwardian era and features fight choreography by Bartitsu instructor Tony Wolf.

Third Annual Victorian Martial Arts Symposium (Portland, Oregon)


Once again Portland, Oregon’s Historic European Martial Arts school Academia Duellatoria is teaming up with GearCon to bring you a full weekend symposium on Victorian Age Martial Arts. The event happens in the convention district of Portland, Oregon Juuly 3rd – 5th at the Double Tree by Hilton Portland, just walking distance from Lloyd Center Mall.

The Victorian Martial Arts Symposium brings together instructors from Canada and the United states to collaborate in bringing you a variety of instruction in Bartitsu and Victorian martial systems. This years instructors include Jeff Richardson and Matthew Hoden of Academia Duellatoria in Portland Oregon, David McCormick of Academie Duello in Vancouver Canada, Thomas Badillo of Botta Secreta Productions in San Francisco California, and Stewart Sackett of Nemesis Jiu-Jitsu in Portland Oregon.

Classes feature a variety of instruction from Historic Sabre and Cutlass practice to self defense with the cane and umbrella to empty hand martial systems. The centerpiece of these arts is Bartitsu, a mixed art self defense system developed in London.  And, as always, the symposium includes a women’s self defense class on Sunday afternoon.

More information and a full schedule of classes for the symposium can be found here.

The Victorian Martial Arts Symposium is held in conjunction with GearCon, Portland’s premiere Steampunk convention. The convention features a fine art salon and market place, a gaming room, a variety of panels, and evening entertainment this year featuring a concert by Aurielo Voltaire.