3 thoughts on “The Great Anglo-Japanese Tournament (Nottingham, 1902)”

  1. A reviewer described their contest on the evening of March 23rd as being the most exciting of the night’s events. It took Cherpillod over 20 minutes to pin Clark in the first round, but only 10 minutes in the second, deciding the contest in his favour. The reviewer added that “the work of both was really splendid, and they were frequently applauded.”

    On the night of the 26th Chas. Green (“English Champion”) won £10 for staying on his feet for 15 minutes, though it is not clear who he was contesting against. The next night, he agreed to fight again, staking his £10 prize against £20 that Cherpillod could not throw him twice within 20 minutes; there is no record of the results of that re-match.

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