Bartitsu presentation and demo. by the Bartitsu Club of West Michigan

Why did E.W. Barton-Wright found the Bartitsu Club in London in 1898?

What threat was he trying to stop?

What was Sherlock Holmes’ interest?

How was the Suffragette movement linked with this?

Mixed Martial Arts over 110 years ago… surely not?

Come and discover the almost lost secrets and learn answers to these intriguing questions. See how West met East for the first time in martial arts. Watch a live demonstration of how ruffians and undesirables can be dispatched by this effective Victorian Art of Self Defense. Be part of the worldwide revival of interest in Bartitsu right here in West Michigan.

This special lecture and demonstration by the newly-formed Bartitsu Cub of West Michigan will take place at the Herrick District Library – 300 S. River Ave., Holland, Michigan 49423 – on Monday, 17 June 2013, from 18:30 until 20:00 in EDT.