Bartitsu article and video featured in the Wall Street Journal

Click here to read reporter Angus Loten’s Wall Street Journal article on Bartitsu. The accompanying video (above) features instructor Mark Donnelly’s classes at the recent Steampunk World’s Fair event in Piskataway, New Jersey.

The print version of this article is published in the Friday, May 23 edition of the Journal:

2 thoughts on “Bartitsu article and video featured in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. We are so excited! Many thanks to Tony and Mark and his KADS students for the interviews. Love the pointillist drawing of Mark Donnelly – these are hand-drawn and take hours to create, so it’s a real accolade that they selected him to transform into one of their trademark drawings. What a lucky coincidence that the reporter contacted me shortly before Steampunk World’s Fair so that the resulting story, video, and photos are fantastic – had they contacted me in, say, December, it’d have just been our humble study group in a small Chelsea dojo. A fair amount of luck involved with this media hit but I just couldn’t be more thrilled!

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