Bartitsu and Antagonistics workshops with Mark Donnelly at the Steampunk World’s Fair

The 2013 Steampunk World’s Fair will feature a series of seminars and presentations by Mark Donnelly, including “Gangs of New York: Irish Faction Fighting”, “Introduction to Bartitsu”, “Irish Shillelagh Fighting” and “Jujitsu Suffragettes: A Hitory of Women’s Self Defense”.

A gentleman of world renown and fame,
with knowledge of historical events,
Professor Mark P. Donnelly’s his name,
and anachronism’s what he represents.

He’s published many works of print and prose,
on history and swashbuckling and lore,
he’ll lecture us on all the things he knows,
with tales of torture, piracy, and more.

But then to change the pace, he’ll take up arms,
if skirmishing or sparring strikes a chord,
his martial skills will back his wit and charm,
he’ll demonstrate, with stick, and cane, and sword!

The Steampunk World’s Fair humbly beckons you,
see the PROFESSOR’s derring-do revue!

2 thoughts on “Bartitsu and Antagonistics workshops with Mark Donnelly at the Steampunk World’s Fair”

  1. Love the poem! Below is a sampling of the professor’s workshops at SWPF. He will also be offering private lessons if anyone’s interested, although the time slots are limited to just four hours for the entire weekend – you may contact him at (contact link in upper left) to arrange. Also, please look for the students of the Bartitsu Club of NYC – we’ll be distributing postcards for our July seminar, so do stop and say hello!

    Intro to Bartitsu Workshop
    Irish Shillelagh Workshop
    Gangs of New York: Irish Faction Fighting
    Jujitsu Suffragettes: A History of Ladies’ Self-Defense
    Kicking Ass In A Corset: Bartitsu for Ladies
    Kernoozers & Antiquarian Antagonistics

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