One thought on “The Bartitsu Club of New York City at the Observatory”

  1. Thanks for posting! We don’t know if the journalist will suceed in getting this placed in any media but it’s nice to see the video. I am the organizer of the NYC club and want to add just a few quick clarifications: Jesse is our study group’s curriculum tutor and he leads the training sessions – it’s just hard to explain that to a journalist, so “Bartitsu Instructor” ended up on the title though we ourselves do not describe him as such. The audience participant is doing a “How to Pose as a Strongman” demo and not Bartitsu. Finally, Ju Jutsu somehow was omitted from the “mixed martial art” description – but it is most definitely one of Bartitsu’s styles and was rather novel and interesting to the Brits at the turn of the century, as they had seen some form of punching, kicking, and stick fighting from European fighting arts, but the “Japanese science” was a bit of a novelty.

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