“Antagonisticathlon 2” at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts (Chicago)

The Bartitsu Club of Chicago held its second Antagonisticathlon event on the morning of Sunday, July 15th 2012.

The Antagonisticathlon is a fun, challenging martial arts obstacle course in which participants represent Victorian era adventurers running a gauntlet of ruffians and assassins. The course is not timed but “style points” may be awarded at the audience’s discretion.

The obstacles (not all shown in the video clip) included:

* Shoulder barge to heavy punching bag (“knocking a ruffian out the window and into the Thames”)
* Use of overcoat to entangle and throw dagger-wielding hooligan
* Ten reps using antique wall-mounted weightlifting machine
* “Into the Alley of Death”: the adventurer is required to fend off strikes from three ruffians entering at different points of the “alley” and counter each one with a strike to the mask
* “Belabour as you see fit”: freestyle striking with cane against Steampunk standing bag
* Moving a heavy bag over a crash pad and then carrying it across a balance beam (“Rescuing Dr. Watson”)
* Cane fencing, with the object being to throw and belabour the enemy assassin
* Shoulder roll, use cane to knock off the final hooligan’s hat and then knock him unconscious

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