“… the loaded hunting crop …”

I was not surprised when Holmes suggested that I should take my revolver with me. He had himself picked up the loaded hunting-crop, which was his favourite weapon.

– Dr. John Watson, The Adventure of the Six Napoleons

Thanks to Hans Dielemans for the above image of a loaded hunting crop from a 1914 “Manufrance” catalogue. The central crop features a “steel core, fully covered with braided leather with a lead filled head (and) can also be used as an implement of self-defense.”

2 thoughts on ““… the loaded hunting crop …””

  1. Excellent find, thank you for sharing! The hunting crop appears as a weapon throughout the Canon. Holmes used it to disarm the gun-wielding John Clay in “The Red-Headed League,” and Grimbsy Roylott shook his hunting crop threatingly at Holmes and Watson in “The Speckled Band” (just before he bent their fireplace poker as a message of intimidation. Holmes straightened it). It’s mentioned often in the Holmes stories, so it’s fascinating to see the self-defense purpose actually mentioned in this catalogue. Thanks very much!

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