“I must warn you – I know baritsu!”

You’ve Ruined A Perfectly Good Mystery TRAILER from Rob Matsushita on Vimeo.

Some spiffing baritsu action is featured in the Mercury Players Theatre production of You’ve Ruined a Perfectly Good Mystery. The play premiered in Madison, Wisconsin in 2010 and is scheduled for a repeat season as part of the New York International Fringe Festival in August.

The world’s most famous investigator clashes with the world’s most preposterous narrator in You’ve Ruined a Perfectly Good Mystery! — a play that hilariously exploits and subverts theatrical conventions and classic detective stories. Audiences decide which clues the detective and his associate follow in a fantastic investigation that features entertaining combat, dastardly schemes inspired by Victorian-era science fiction, an increasingly vexed protagonist, and cultural references as diverse as Shakespeare, Abbott & Costello, Oscar Wilde, and Monkey Island video games.

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