Finger Weapons of the Parisian Apaches

(From the June 1911 issue of “Popular Mechanics” magazine)

All the weapons used by the Apaches in Paris are unique, but none are more ingenious than these curious rings and the device known as the “thorn punch”. The latter, held as shown in the illustration and delivered with a hard, straight blow, would drop a man as if hit by a sledge. The rings, however, are more subtle, as they appear to be nothing more than ordinary finger adornments with the exaggerated settings or heads often worn by fad extremists, but hidden within the hand is an extension. This rests against the palm when the fist is doubled and adds much force to the blow.

4 thoughts on “Finger Weapons of the Parisian Apaches”

  1. is so nice example of grigri and grotestques ring sale in france by the national dealers “manufrance “a big catalogue for weapons and tools many variation of this weapons is product some in brass the other in iron.
    for the single knucle i think is the same factory vith many different design for the head generaly cast in iron or brass
    the last is more rare but i think is inspired by the classical wepons use by the butcherduring the 19 century and one part of 20 century the butcher use a part of bone from sheep (is one bone from the shoulder of sheep aftre i have cut one part i have a similar weapon to the model in brass
    thank a lot for the great illustration

  2. That was really fascinating.

    The thorn punch reminds me of the Comtech Stinger only a lot meaner.

    The rings also look like they are well designed as subtle defencive weapons.

    Does anybody know if these are still made and if so, where they could be purchased?

  3. Hi Norman,

    assuming that these weapons were originally produced for the Apache gangsters, they probably ceased manufacture after the First World War.

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