Seminar in Conwy, Wales

Just a quick update as details of an event I’m teaching have just been released. I’ll post some more information when I have it, but for now here’s the press release:

To celebrate the arrival of the Rawlings range training swords and the opening of the Knight Shop’s WMA academy we are holding
Two Days of the Blade

Feb 27th & 28th

Conwy, Wales

Train FREE for two days with some of WMA’s biggest names.
Confirmed classes
Bartitsu with James Marwood.
Fiore Dagger with Colin Richards.
Fiore Longsword with Matt Easton.
Liechtenauer Longsword and Lutegerus Sword and Buckler with David Rawlings

also there will be a
Mini Open Rules Tournament
Test Cutting
and of course the chance to try out the Rawlings line swords.
Registration is required, but again this event is completely free.
To register please email

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