Pacific Northwest Bartitsu seminar tour

Advance notice of a series of Bartitsu seminars to be held in the Pacific Northwest (USA) between March 6-28, 2010.

Each seminar will begin with warm-up exercises taken from the 19th century “physical culture” repertoire before exploring the underlying principles, skills and tactics of Bartitsu, via lessons in the unique combination of fighting styles that made up E.W. Barton-Wright’s arsenal of tricks.

Classes to include:

• a selection of the canonical combat sequences represented in Barton-Wright’s classic article series, “The New Art of Self Defence” and “Self Defence with a Walking Stick”

• experimental neo-Bartitsu drills blending 19th century jiujitsu, scientific boxing, street savate and walking stick defence

• discussions on the fascinating history and revival of Barton-Wright’s New Art of Self Defence; the “hold-up” tactics of 19th century street gangsters, and the counters developed by self defence masters of the period, and the jiujitsu training of the Bodyguards of the radical Suffragette movement.

Tutor: Tony Wolf

The itinerary includes:

March 6th and 7th in Seattle, Washington at the SANCA school of circus arts – contact .

March 13th and 14th in Eugene, Oregon at the Northwest Academy of Arms – contact

March 17th and 18th in San Francisco, California hosted by the Botta Secreta historical fencing school – contact

March 20th and 21st in Portland, Oregon, hosted by the Academia Duellatoria fencing school – contact

March 27th and 28th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the Academie Duello historical fencing and stage combat school – contact

6 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest Bartitsu seminar tour”

  1. Hello! I have been, for a long time now, a avid Sherlockion with an intense interest in Martial Arts. I haven’t been ‘regularly’ training for a while now. Anyway, I have a question.
    Is Bartitsu, or more likely, Neo-bartitsu–or a method of cross training like it, though, I suppose, that would BE Neo-Bartitsu– a possible effective method of defense when out and about in the town or on the street?
    Keep up the fantastic work, I am very excited for the new documentary!

  2. Hi,

    The short answer is: yes, very much so, so long as you train it right.

    The arts that make up Bartitsu, and are more commonly involved with neo-Bartitsu are potentially very effective for self defence. Boxing, jujitsu, judo, savate and wrestling cover every range, and are simple and effective. They must, like any skill, be trained with intent, with pressure-testing and employed in an effective manner (What Fairbairn would describe as Artifice and Vehemence).

  3. (Neo)Bartitsu can be redacted into an effective self defence method; obviously, it comes down to how realistically it’s being trained. Personally, I generally teach it as a recreational martial art while pointing out *how* to develop the various drills into truly realistic self defence training, if that’s where a student wants to take it.

    Thanks for the kind words about the trailer, and I hope you enjoy the documentary.

    You might consider joining the Bartitsu Forum email list – – to keep abreast of developments. Sounds like you’d feel at home there.



  4. The age limits were up to individual schools to decide; I think that the youngest participants would have been in their late teens.

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