Sadakazu Uyenishi in action


This animated GIF was created by John Lindsey of the e-budo forum. It is an animation of movie frames originally used as photographic illustrations in Sadakazu Uyenishi’s 1905 “Textbook of Ju-jutsu”. Uyenishi and his colleague Yukio Tani were jujitsu instructors at E.W. Barton-Wright’s Bartitsu Club between 1900-1902.

Although originally published as a series of photographic images, these 24 frames were shot as film footage and probably represent some of the earliest motion picture footage of jujitsu.

9 thoughts on “Sadakazu Uyenishi in action”

  1. Thank you John Lindsey for putting this animation together! It is amazing to see my Great Grandfather in film footage doing what he excelled in. If you have any of the other animation of moving film I would love to see it. Thank you once again for this very special movie clip!

  2. Hello

    Thank for replying to my post so quickly.
    I am currently on my blackberry but as
    soon as I back in front of my PC I will
    have a look at the other videos you have put up.
    How exciting I am getting my whole family look at these videos!
    My Great Grandfather is Sadakazu Uyenishi.

  3. Hi James,

    co-incidentally, another descendant of Uyenishi’s has recently made contact via the YouTube comments page. I hope your family enjoys the “re-animations”.

    The Bartitsu Society would be eager to learn any more about Sadakazu Uyenishi from your family. We have several articles by and about him dating to the early 1900s.



  4. Oh my- this is amazing. My Great Grandfather also. Am so excited-can hardly type. Can’t wait until I show my mom, sis and brother this, they will be wrapped.

    Also hi to my unknown relatives. My Grandmother was Cheiko(Mary)- Rodgers was her married name.

    Thank you for this web site.

  5. incrivel, eu sou do brasil, pesquiso sobre o raku, ele morou na minha cidade em 1915 a 1916, em manaus estado do amazonas brasil, veio junto com o conde koma, tenho todas as materias de suas lutas, pesquiso sobre ele a mais de 15 anos. gostaria de trocar informações com a sua familia e descendentes.

  6. Just to say I have the Book (texk Book Of Ju Jitsu).And the Style of Ju Jitsu of which I am a Sensie 2 Dan can be traced back to Sadakazu Uyenishi through the line of my Instructors.Atemi Ju Jitsu.

    Starting with Colin Whitaker who has just retired from the Amatuer Martial Association which he was president .

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