After a long hiatus I am pleased to welcome you to the revamped webpage for the Bartitsu Society.

If you are new to Bartitsu then please browse the pages on the right or feel free to join in the discussions on the email list.

This new site is basically a blog, and to keep it current and vibrant it needs your input. Initially feel free to email me any queries, although I hope to add to the site team soon. Please do comment on any articles and if you have anything you feel should be up here then please do let me know.

I know the site layout is currently very basic, and I would appreciate any feedback on suitable wordpress themes. Do you know of a good theme that is evocative of the Edwardian era or fin de siecle martial arts? Are you a whiz with css? Do you have a great idea for a site logo? Please do let me know.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to stop by. Come back soon!

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I just found your site. Wonderful! I read the Sherlock Holmes stories years (decades) ago, and have always remembered the “Baritsu” comment. And now, here you are more than one hundred years later teaching his art. Keep it up.
    All the best. GP

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