Self Defence For Discerning Ladies and Gentlemen

Last summer I taught at an ‘experience day’ held by The Grange, near Birmingham in the UK. They videoed the event and put up a short clip on youtube.

Whilst this was just a taster day for those new to martial arts and bartitsu in particular, as well as being somewhat tongue-in-cheek it does show some basic elements of Bartitsu and it’s contemporary antagonistic arts.

By contrast here is a link to Craig Gemeiner’s excellent Vigny La Canne video, also on youtube.

2 thoughts on “Self Defence For Discerning Ladies and Gentlemen”

  1. Wow – just stumbled upon this. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a lot more of this in big Hollywood films – definitely interesting. are you going to make another video?

  2. Hi Bryan, thanks for commenting.

    Hopefully we will see something fun with the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie.

    The above video was done as a promo for the events company for whom I did the training. More are certainly likely!

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